Ecotronic Short with a floor space of only 3 meters, is not simply the half space than a standard machine, with the same technical data, but it is also an intelligent machine with a greater production capacity.

EPG, even though it looks like a vertical press, it’s a horizontal machine structured with two work platens. EPG 200 and 300 tons, thanks of their floor space, allow to have in the same space as a standard machine two presses, using the current moulds without any modification and moulding the same article.

The productive space has an important cost for logistics, widen the sites or the creation of new production sites need expensive investments, with bureaucratic procedures that often involve insurmountable obstacles, that can be easily overcome with the Ecotronic Short. EPG 200 and EPG 300 have the same performance of the Ecotronic Smartwire line.


The technology of the Ecotronic electric machines is further improved with Smart-Wire, which makes the production similar to a computer program, moving from a moulding order to finished product with a "clic".

A single information network connect all the equipment of the press only by an ethernet cable, without electrical wiring, open to the outside world with remote connections to PC, tablet, smartphone and to the tele service with automatic connection to RPM-HELP.

Starting from the microprocessor, in cascade are connected the video, the drives of the brushless motors, inverters of asynchronous motors, safety devices, cameras that monitor the production process and external equipment. All the components of the press and all the process parameters are under control and through dedicated software, it is possible to automatically perform diagnostics, increase and improve the production process.

The infinite amount of data, reported in real time to the computer, allows to verify and analyze each anomaly and preventive or improvement actions to undertake, that are directly suggested by the machinery itself, allowing:

  • Continuous check up of the status of each component.
  • Collecting data of life time of each component for preventive maintenance.
  • Self diagnostic and set up new values in case of any external factor variation (quality of compound, mould uncleaning) or any internal factor and reset itself, so as to continue to keep the optimal cycle.
  • Self diagnostic any malfunction or problems, sending a notification in real time about the problem, advising what action to take.

The machine that has changed the horizons of the rubber injection moulding.

A compact machine, all eletric with same power of closing and injection of the hydraulic machine

consuption -76%
productivity +22%
injection force major

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