« Macplast 2018 » – Preview Plast 2018, RPM introduces Ecotronic Smart Wire

03/05/2018 news
During Plast 2018 RPM will present a preview two new presses: During Plast 2018 RPM will present a preview two new presses: Ecotronic Smart Wire 390 tons, which makes the production similar to a computer program, moving from a moulding order to finished product with a "clic" Ecotronic Short 200 tons, smart and very compact machine, with technical data unique for the market, with a total size " 3000x1200 mm " Smart presses  that with a single information network connect all the equipment of the press only by an ethernet cable, without electrical wiring, open to the outside world with remote connections to PC, tablet, smartphone and to the to tele service with automatic connection to RPM-HELP. Starting from the microprocessor, in cascade are connected the video, the drives of the brushless motors, inverters of asynchronous motors, safety devices, cameras that monitor the production process,  external equipment and finally to remote that verifies all the necessary. All the components of the press and all the process parameters are under control and through dedicated software, it is possible to automatically perform diagnostics, increase and improve the production process, by linking it to the machine not to the person. Electronics is increasingly replacing human knowledge, and it's able to say to the operator the machine status at any time. The infinite amount of data, reported in real time to the computer, allows to verify and analyze each anomaly and preventive or improvement actions to undertake, that are directly suggested by the machinery itself. Autonomous presses able to produce better and more with less staff, machines designed for self-learning, which are programmed, self-check and then repair by themselves. Applied reality worked for several months on a couple of our presses, that anyone will be able to see on the presses exhibited at the fair.
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